Popular Occasions for Booking Strippers in New England

Is there ever really a bad time for strippers? You could at just about every circumstance and event in life and say ”This is good...but you know what would make it even better? Strippers!!!!” With that in mind, there are some activities and events where bringing strippers along is like pairing peanut butter and jelly together. But if you really want to go all out and book exotic dancers for the best possible events, here are the most popular we get The 911 Call for.

- NO One on Ones or Couple's Shows - All Shows are for Entertainment Purposes Only -

Bachelor Party

bachelorThis is the end all be all of events where you need party strippers. If you have a bachelor party and strippers don't show up, can you really say it is a bachelor party? That question is one you do not want your best buddy getting married thinking about, so if you want to make sure and do it right, you will need to hire top of the line bachelor party strippers.

This might be the last real time your buddy is free to go out and be one of the boys. Once he's hitched he'll have to ask for permission to go out, and do you really think it will be fine and dandy for him to return home later that night with the sweet scent of strippers on him and glitter all over his body? If he's married to an awesome chick she'll ask to go to the next party with him. Every other girl and he'll be done for. So, make sure your buddy moves on from his single life in style.

Divorce Party

Ok, so that marriage didn’t work out. Time to move on and put your best foot forward by celebrating your new lease on life with a bevy of young beautiful women stripping at your divorce party. Maybe your friend just got divorced, he sure as hell could use a pick-me-up and throwing him a party with exotic dancers is just what the doctor ordered.

Birthday Party

birthdayLet's face it. After you turn 21, every subsequent birthday comes with a sting of hurt. It doesn't have to though. With party strippers arranged for your birthday, you'll forget your age for the night and just have the time of your life. There is no better medicine to assist in having an exciting time than beautiful women taking their clothes off around you. Us men are simple creatures. We don't ask for much. Beautiful, naked women around us is one of the simple joys in life. You might not have sexy ladies around all day, every day, but on your birthday, you need to do it up right.

Sporting Event / Guys Night In Party

Next time you have the guys over to watch your favorite team, play poker, or just to get away from life, invite some strippers into the mix. World Series, Super Bowl, or any game all season is a perfect opportunity to add adult entertainment. Whether your team wins or loses, you will have a reason to celebrate. Have an off season get together with the guys for yet another great reason to book exotic dancers.

Holiday Party

holidayNothing lets you celebrate the spirit of Christmas like some fine looking naked ass bouncing up and down in your face. Make like one of the Three Wise Men and come on out to see the new attractions. Don't celebrate Christmas? Not a problem, the strippers here can take your clay dreidel and turn it rock hard. Everyone needs a bit of holiday cheer this time of year. So why not visit a place where you know they'll have exactly what you want, wrapped in a cute little bow (maybe only wearing a cute little bow).
‘Tis the season all year round for strippers, any holiday is a reason to book adult entertainment. New Years and 4th of July are a great time to add strippers to the entertainment, but you can make any holiday an excuse to see naked girls… maybe Ground Hog Day is for all party animals to see something unexpected!

College Party / Frat Party

Planning a fraternity social event? Gearing up for the big game? Want to take homecoming to the next level? Whether you want them to perform at halftime or you're more interested in them over actually watching the game, there's nothing like a college party with some quality strippers. Whether you book one or half a dozen, you'll be the talk of campus following a successful college party with strippers.

Retirement Party

Paid your dues? Done your time working for the man? Ready to throw off those shackles in style? Plan a retirement party with all the bells and whistles, and by bells and whistles we mean T & A. You earned it buddy! Our girls love to celebrate great accomplishments with their great moves and great bodies.

Welcome Home / Going Away Parties

welcome homeDo you have a serviceman who is returning home? Want to welcome them back to the good ol' U.S. of A in the most American way possible? Book a stripper for the welcome home party. When our young men are out there, defending our freedom and putting their own lives on the line, they deserve a little something when they get back in town. A stripper is going to show him exactly what he is fighting for. So, while having his favorite food and drinks on hand is great, there's just nothing like beautiful strippers on the menu too.
Maybe you are sending someone off to a new life chapter, and leaving town is a cause for celebration. Make the going away party a sendoff to remember, the perfect end to this current chapter before they turn the page to the next adventure. We can help write the perfect ending with the hottest New England strippers at your party so you can say farewell in style.

Whenever You Want

Let's face it, is there really a bad time to have a stripper? No, not really. So, if you're just looking to have an extra special Friday night or you are looking for a midweek pick me up, you are able to do all of this and then some with exotic dancers.
Who doesn't love a good stripper? Well, maybe your ex significant other. That's about it. As long as you aren't bringing her along you'll love every minute with one of our beautiful strippers. So, don't let the jealous ex’s win and book yourself exotic dancers for your next bachelor party, big event or get together. It doesn't matter if it is one of the events listed or something completely different. Our girls will love to see you there.

- Booking 10 to 14 Days in Advance is Highly Recommended -