Event Etiquette

- Unchained Entertainment is Not an Escort Service -

When you book your show with Unchained Entertainment, it's important to keep in mind that you are responsible for your guests’ behavior and for the safety of our performers. Understanding appropriate behavior is important and expected. Here are some important things to keep in mind for your event. Call it “Stripper Party Etiquette”

Tipping Performers Is Encouraged

I am sure you have heard the catch phrase, “The better the dough, the longer they go.” Our shows do not have a time limit, but the performers also are working hard for you and your guests.
Our performers are working for tips only. Therefore, tipping is expected and encouraged. Not only does tipping show that you appreciate the performance that's being put on for you, it's also how the performers make a living. A generous crowd is always appreciated and it encourages the girls to put on an even better show. If you want the best and most exciting performance, make sure you and your guests are prepared to show the girls “Appreciation in Green” and always remember the catch phrase above.

No Physical Abuse

Our goal for your event is for everyone to have the best possible legal time and enjoy themselves beyond their expectations. However, we are also aware that with all the excitement that things could get out of hand. . We do not want our performers to be subjected to either physical or verbal abuse. To help avoid situations like that from occurring, here are some examples of inappropriate behavior...

  • Guests should not touch the Performers inappropriately. The ladies will let the Guests know what is okay and what is not okay
  • Guests should not stick their fingers, tongues, other appendages, or anything at all into the ladies anywhere, period.
  • Guests should not be touching, hitting, grabbing, or striking the performers in any way that will leave a mark.
  • Guests should present tips to the performers in a gentlemanly way and without rolling them into balls or tubes.
  • Guests should not throw tips, change, or any other foreign objects at performers.
  • Performers are not escorts and should not be solicited as such. Unchained Entertainment is not an escort service.
  • Guests should not be expecting any type of sexual favors or “Extras” as they are often called.
  • Asking for or suggesting sexual favors, such as hand jobs or blow jobs is not tolerated.
  • Guests should not request from or attempt to provide personal contact information to the performers.

No Photography

Many of our performers choose not to be depicted on our website for obvious reasons. They also do not want images or videos of them performing to be distributed. Therefore, we must insist on no photography or videography of any kind.

Cellphones are not to be used in the performance area. That will stop the show for the moment and possibly cause the show to end. Cellphones are only to be used for phone calls and texting well outside of the view of the performance area.


All our performers will arrive accompanied by security. The security person must be allowed full access to your event venue and be in the presence of all performers at all times.

Security would rather spend their time ensuring a great show for you and your guests and be a show manager versus a security person.

The Performers or Security/Show Manager person can end the show at any time they feel the Performers are being abused or the rules blatantly broken and no refunds will be given.

Your cooperation and ensuring the cooperation of your guests will make for the best show you can imagine and a memorable event for all.

- Booking 10 to 14 Days in Advance is Highly Recommended -