Customer Reviews

Read Unchained Entertainment customer reviews and see what our clients have to say about us, our service and the beautiful performers who dance and strip for us!

A Guys Night Out

I can't give enough praise to the strippers who had shown up for our party. It was a guys night out...the wives and girlfriends thought we were playing cards...which, yeah, technically we were....strip poker! Our strippers came on time and were out before anyone was the wiser. It's our little secret and it may become a bi-yearly occurrence now. My friends and I had a great time and we can't wait to host another "card party" soon. Keep up the good work ladies. You have some real fans here! -- Card Sharkz

Never Saw A Strip Tease Before

If you never saw a strip tease before, wow are you in for a treat. After seeing these hotties dance, any strip club you venture to will not compare! Private showing is the way to go! Definitely the cream of the crop here in Portland. Seeing multiples in the nude will drive ya bonkers! You won't know which one to keep your eyes on! I had to ask the girls to give me a private show one at a time in addition to the multiple dance. -- Rich

Take In The Real Sghts

When I am going to New Haven on business, I like to take in the real sights with a strip show. These women know how to get you to relax and enjoy life. -- S. Rodriguez


Ooh-la-la! My mind is still reeling from what I witnessed! -- Charlie B.

Who Says Strippers Are Just For Guys?

Who says strippers are just for guys? My friends and I wanted to see what a strip tease was all about...for educational purposes. Must say, I've thought about joining these gals myself! They have fun doing what they are doing and they are all so nice! If you are in the Keene NH area, look them up! -- Charity A.

Mohegan Sun Casino

My buddies and I decided to head out to the Mohegan Sun Casino with some private strippers in tow. They blended in well with the gamblers, and gave us the incentive to get the heck out of there before we lost our cash on something not worthwhile. The party went back to my hotel room and my friends and I agree, when going to a casino, skip the slots and go for the hots! The atmosphere of the Mohegan got us primed for excitement, and exciting it was! -- Manny

Rock On My Friends!

Mystic has tons of tourist attractions, but none are quite as pleasing as calling you guys! Rock on my friends! Will see you again next summer! -- Hal Alexson

Business Meeting In Danbury

Business meeting in Danbury. Boooorrrinnnng. Late night escapade with a gorgeous stripper. Top notch! -- Anonymous

I Can't Thank The Girls Enough

My bachelor party was held in an Amherst hotel in Mass this past weekend. I can't thank the girls enough for the splendid viewing pleasure my wedding party experienced. The high-energy dancing boosted spirits and kept each of us entertained throughout the event. -- Alan

Cape Cod As A Beach Town

Most people think about Cape Cod as a beach town. I will now think of it as a town with some sizzling strippers. Definitely planning on a return trip and your establishment will be the first I contact upon my arrival. So sexy! -- Zach B.

New England Guy Stuff

I have friends in New England, so I thought, why not plan a guys' getaway for the weekend. Fishing, drinking, you know...guy stuff. We headed to Warwick and man oh man, you guys have the BEST and I mean THE BEST strippers imaginable. Thanks for an awesome time. -- The Guys

Foxwoods Casino

Foxwoods Casino has more to offer than slot machines. This is a great hangout if you bring along a sexy stripper to entice you as you play. It just takes a phone call to reserve a date and she will be there to route you on while in the casino and in your hotel room....and who doesn't want that? - Hal K


Narragansett will always be remembered for the great striptease show I received after calling you guys. Thank you so much! -- Richard

Divorce Party

I had a "divorce party" to celebrate my freedom. The girls sent were second to none. I never saw such beauty! I sure am glad I am no longer tied down because I can participate in shows whenever I want now! -- Dan

Burlington VT

I take regular ski excursions in Burlington VT. When the weather is exceptionally cold, my friends and I tend to hang out in the bar or in our hotel room instead of hitting the slopes. We decided to hire some professional dancers to watch one weekend. Wow. These women were intense. Definitely a thumbs up! Thanks, ladies! -- Ren A.

Barrington NH

I live in Barrington NH and I never knew you had strippers available in the area! I decided to take a peek as a prelude to throwing my brother's bachelor party. Let me say, I can't wait to see the look on his face! You guys were awesome! -- Chet 

New England's Hottest Secret

New England's hottest secret has just been revealed! Sexy show! -- Abe from Mount Snow VT

Your Montpelier Ladies

I don't think there could possibly be another strip operation out there better than this one. Your Montpelier ladies really know how to please! -- Mac B.

I Was Skeptical About Hiring A Stripper

I was skeptical about hiring a stripper to watch in solo. I will not do it another way again. No more clubs for me; no need! I have now been a repeat customer. The price is right and the view is intense. Keep up the great work. You have a customer for life here. -- Walter


Jamestown is a town that isn't usually thought of as an entertainment hotspot. I have found, hiring your own entertainment sure beats the club scene. Strippers can make it so much better. You women were so hot and so sexy, I can't wait to see more. -- Martin

My Bachelor Party

My bachelor party was held in a hotel last month. The entertainers my brother-in-law hired from your service were some of the most beautiful, yet respectful, women I have ever encountered. I do believe my family told them to be gentle on me, so if you are into naughty stuff, they will be able to accommodate, I'm sure. For me, I requested a simple party with strippers as entertainment. The show was awesome and my friends were please. Thank you. -- Ben


The last time I was in Norwalk, your service provided me with a stripper who give me a show I am still thinking about. I have already booked another encounter and I am so excited. My bags are packed and I'm ready. -- Manuel

You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

You won't believe your eyes! These girls are polite, very beautiful, and great at entertaining. We had a blast and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone! -- The Guys

My Own Personal Stripper

I had wanted to see what a striptease was like without the hassle of going to a strip joint to get a peek. I figured, why not hire my own personal stripper instead? That way, if I wasn't into it, I could give her a tip and tell her thank you and send her on her way without being embarrassed about the possibility of being seen by one of my friends or co-workers. Well, that definitely didn't happen. I really liked the show she gave and she made me totally confident about going to a club in the future. -- Mark

Some Real Flirtatious Moves

Flashy, sexy outfits. Some real flirtatious moves. More skin than you'll know what to do with. This operation is at the top of their realm. Get in on the action now before word gets around because these gals will be booked for months in advance in no time! Either that or they'll be hiring some more hotties to show off. Well worth the call. -- Dave B.

Hosting A Bachelor Party

Do you want to surprise a friend or loved one with strippers before they get married? If you are hosting a bachelor party, hiring a stripper will make the guest of honor one real lucky guy! I totally recommend these girls! Your party will come alive and they will keep everyone entertained from the second they show up until they prance on out the door. I hope to be asked to be best man for another friend soon just so I can have a repeat performance!  -- Desmond

My 21st Birthday

For my 21st birthday, my college friends hired this company so I could celebrate in style. The stripper who showed up to my party was one of the most beautiful women I ever laid eyes upon. She gave me some pointers to help me get my girlfriend in the mood to do some private showings for me, and I am hoping I can persuade her to do so. I enjoyed my party and especially the stripping of this fine young woman. -- Alexander

Bump And Grind

If you want to see girls bump and grind in an exciting manner, then look no further. These chicks had all the right moves and made sure the guys watching saw them up close and personal. They worked in tandem and showing us some surprise strip moves that couldn't be done alone. Can't fill you in on the details because they mystery is sure worth the wait. Call these ladies NOW if you want some real action. The finest strip show I've ever seen. -- Saul

I'm New Around Here

I am new to area and wanted to see girls take off clothes for me and my friends. I asked for Spanish stripper because my English not good. She translate for me and was very pretty. Thank you! -- Juan

Hot And Hotter!

Hot, hot, and hotter! These girlz will sizzle and smoulder! You'll be glad you called. -- Edward

Hire Striptease Artists For Bachelor Parties

If you need to hire striptease artists for a bachelor party, you can't go wrong with this company!  The girls showed up on time and really surprised my friends. I didn't tell a single soul attending that strippers were part of the docket. The girls pretended to be looking for a friends' room (we were in a hotel room). The whole scenario happened so fast, no one knew what was going on until clothing started coming off! Definitely a crowd-pleaser and our strippers were absolute sweethearts. -- M.L.S.

I Love Strippers

I love strippers and strippers love me! These strippers REALLY love me. And wow, they are so pretty and dance so well. -- Ron

The Girls They Sent We're Gorgeous

The girls sent for my party were gorgeous! Once the music started, we had the show of our lives. Everyone got involved and lap dances were thrilling. Definitely call these guys if you want to see some hot girls without having to go out to a club. Much, much better. - Anonymous

My Very Best Man

My best man indicated he would be hiring strippers for my bachelor party. I expected to be laughing at what showed up. Boy was I wrong. These women were totally on cue and showed me stripping is an art you should never underestimate. A good time for all. -- Skip A.


Badda-boom, badda-bing! These girls rock!! -- Rex

A Private Stripper

I was a bit lonely because I was staying in a hotel in the area for work. Decided to call for a private stripper to come to my room instead of having to go out to a strip club on my own. The time I had surpassed any time I would have had in a seedy joint. Totally professional and totally exciting. A+ for the service and I will hire you guys again when I am back again next summer! -- Randy

You Can't Go Wrong With These Girls!

You can't go wrong hiring these women! I had a party for a bunch of my buddies and figured, why not add some strippers to the mix to spice things up a bit? Boy oh boy am I glad I took the chance! The women sent to my house were more beautiful than I had expected! The pictures on the website didn't do them justice! When the party started rocking, the clothes started flying off and my friends and I were flabberghasted in the performances we had witnessed. It was one for the record and the pictures we have prove the time we had went above and beyond my expectations. Can't wait to do it again! -- Bob Z.

My Wedding Party Was Impressed

I am not going to lie, I enjoyed every second of the time I spent with our stripper during my bachelor party. My cousin set up the party and I owe him bigtime for this. I tell all my friends to give you a call if they want to see stripping the way it should be done. My wedding party was impressed, I was impressed, and I can't wait until my brother gets engaged so I can pass on the fun to his friends. Plus I want another peek. lol. - Rocky

Keep Up The Good Work

Very very pleased with the strippers you sent to my party Please keep up the good work -- Mr. Peebles

The Prettiest Girls

You have some of the most pretty girls working for you. Thank you! -- Will W.

Rock On Ladies

I asked my friends what they would like to do to pass the time while I was visiting. They told me about your strip business and I gave a call thinking I was gonna get ripped off with mediocre dancing. I was totally wrong. Your girls knew what they were doing and we had an absolute blast. Rock on ladies! - Chaz

Better Deal Than The Clubs

Much better deal then going to a local club where you aren't sure what you are going to see. I picked out my favorites from your profiles and they were even hotter in person. The music was right on cue and the dancing was sizzling hot. -- Ed

A Happy Wife

I was quite worried about hiring strippers for my husband-to-be's bachelor party. But his friends said it was a must-do so I did my homework ahead of time and hired you guys. The girls showed up on time and were professional and very pretty. The guests got more than they bargained for and my husband was pleased with the entire operation. I definitely recommend you guys to others. Thanks for a job well done --"A happy wife"

You Can't Go Wrong

Wowsa! That is all I have to say is… You can't go wrong. Wish I was back in the area now to get a repeat. -- Sam

More Than We Expected

I fyou want a respectable strip show, then make sure to hire these girls. They were attentive and made sure to show us more than we had expected. Whether you want a bachelor party package or a private showing, they deliver the goods. We will be calling again soon. -- "The Guys"

Way Cool

These hotties did a girl-on-girl strip tease better than any other strippers I have every seen in the past. Wayyyyy coool. -- Junior

One Of The Best

This operation is one of the best in the area. The driver was super-cool and the girls were super-hot. You won't believe your eyes. Can't say enough about how great our strippers were. -- Dan

Our Dancer Knocked Our Socks Off

If you want to have strippers for a party, then make sure Unchained is part of the package! Our dancer knocked our socks off with the moves she showed us. Would do it again in a heartbeat. -- Anon

Hot And Bothered

I'm still all hot and bothered from the performance I was able to see. -- Mitch A.

I Can't Wait To See Her Again!

You guyz have some of da best looking girlz out there! Especially the girl we had!. She had me from hello. Can't wait to see that girl again. I think I'm in love with a stripper. LOL. -- Bodie

Hot Bodies Sizzling Performance

Hot bodies, sizzling performance. I was in absolute heaven. -- Matt S.

A Wonderful Striptease Party

I want to thank your business for a wonderful striptease party that you had provided for my birthday party. My friends thought it would be fun to have some adult entertainment and at first I was skeptical. What kind of person hires a stripper for a birthday? Me, that is who. Haha. It was the best gift a guy could get and I can't wait to reciprocate the favor when the next friend's birthday rolls around. Kudos to you and your employees. I was very pleased. -- Reynold

My Friends And I Had A Blast

From the time the girls knocked on the door til the time they danced on out, my friends and I had a blast. The guy driving them to our hotel was able to blend in with our group and he felt like one of us by the time he had to take the strippers back to their home base. We enjoyed every move, every stitch removed, and every sweet nothing spoken. You guys rock! -- Brad

She Had The Sweetest Demeanor

Our girl had the sweetest demeanor and made me feel appreciated throughout the private strip tease I had requested. She gives a one-on-one lap dance that surpasses any intimate dance show I have encountered before. I am a repeat customer with your service and I will be requesting this young lady for each of my future dances. Thank you for all that you do and thank you for providing customers with women who care about feelings throughout their time with us. -- Anon

One Of The Hottest Strippers

I think our girl is one of the hottest strippers I have ever seen in my life. Please tell her I said this. I will be calling you for another dance session. I can't wait. -- Mad Max

My Friend's Bachelor Party

The girls who were the strippers you sent for my friend's bachelor party. I can't stop thinking about these girls. They worked well in tandem and everyone who was present had a rip-roaring time. If you want to see some real action, make sure to put on some Kesha or Katy Perry because they love those pop tunes and have some great moves to go along with them. These girls have some great personalities and should be commended for their behavior (both clothed and disrobed). -- S.L.B.

The Hottest Strippers Ever!

I had hired Unchained Entertainment and requested the dancing services of a couple girls as their profile pictures piqued my interest. Grabbed a few friends, hit them up for their share of the cost, and awaited our dream girls to arrive. We NEVER expected these women to surpass the looks of their profile pictures. They were both stunning and the performance they gave to us.....hottest ever. -- Satisfied Customer

An Epic Bachelor Party

My bachelor party was an epic night I will never forget. My groomsmen, friends, and even my dad (never thought I'd say that) had the time of their lives. The strippers showed up at my hotel room as I was getting ready to meet my buds downtown for a couple of brewskies. I had no clue they had this set up for me. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the pub. The girls were beautiful and they kept everyone entertained for hours. Good thing I rented the penthouse at that hotel...we needed the space for some of the antics these gals pulled off. I asked our stripper for a card and made sure I came back here to give my review since I had such a great time. Thanks girls! I'm off limits now, but there's plenty of other guys that need your attention! -- "Newly Married Bob"

Hotter Than The Clubs

These girls are hotter than the ones you see in clubs, by far. Totally go for it. You'll be back for more. Guaranteed. -- "Prez"

My Favorite Strippers Ever!

Two of my favorite strippers ever! These gals will have you panting for more. Want to see beauty how it was intended? Ask for these two high-performance dancers to show up at your hotel for an exciting show you will never, ever forget. -- Joey

Some Real Bumpin' N Grindin'

If You wanna c some real bumpin' n grindin', then these girls are the real deal. my stripper looked awesome wit and witout her clothes and i will call again for more soon. Luv ya girls. -- Tex M.

Strippers Are Not Just For Guys!

Strippers are not just for guys! My girlfriend and I wanted to spice up our relationship so we hired a few cuties to get the action going. The strippers sent to us were far more beautiful than we imagined and we sure did learn alot from the show. We made some new friends and will def be back to have a repeat showing. Great job girls!

Jaws Dropped And Eyes Bulged

I hired two girls to show my corporate friends just how exciting a private showing is compared to hitting a strip club. Jaws dropped and eyes bulged, that's for sure! A+. Can't wait to have a repeat performance with some of the new guys in my company. -- Mr. B.

You Won't Be Disappointed

You won't be disappointed. These girls have all the right moves. Great show. -- Alan

A Job Well Done

I can't give these girls enough praise for a job well-done. I had hired three strippers to come to a bachelor party I was hosting for my brother, and he and his friends had the time of their lives! This was a top-notch operation which was not only handled professionally but also in a way where each person had sexy alone time with their favorite girl. The women I had selected were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen...and I have been around the block a few times! Definitely recommended to any guy who wants fun at their party! -- Diego L.