Areas We Serve

UNCHAINED ENTERTAINMENT serves the entire New England Area from Connecticut to Maine and every place in between!

- Booking 10 to 14 Days in Advance is Highly Recommended -


boston 592192 960 720When you've been around as long as we have, you learn a thing or two about beautiful women. You also learn just how much men love beautiful women over the less attractive girls. It is why we only employ the very best ladies in Massachusetts. You've probably noticed a good number of drop dead gorgeous girls at Fenway, down by the coast, or just walking around town. Those girls might be hot, but our girls are hotter, wilder and ready for a good time. Are you?

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Rhode Island

Rhode IslandRhode Island isn't for the faint of heart. It is for people who know how to live, who enjoy the finer things in life and yet who can bear down for the cold winters, harsh winds and snow. Enjoying the finer things in life sometimes requires you to cut through a few of the thorns to get to the rose. Looking for that rose in life? You'll find them with Unchained Entertainment’s Rhode Island strippers. These exotic dancers are the hottest around and know how to treat you right. With the most beautiful adult entertainers in the New England, every party can be the ultimate.

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newhavenLooking for a good time? There is so much to do around the great state of Connecticut. Whether you are interested in checking out one of the casinos or going to a UCONN basketball game, there is always fun to be had. But do you ever feel like there's something missing. Adult entertainment can take your event or activity to the next level. Whatever you end up doing, we can help.

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New Hampshire

New Hampshire2When it comes to the wildest and hottest girls around, you'll find them all right here. It doesn't matter if you're looking to kick off an epic Super Bowl party and need a bit of T and A to go along with your game coverage and nachos or you want to show a buddy a good night before marrying himself off. Wild exotic dancers are the way to go. Besides, you wouldn't want the opposite, would you? Quiet and tentative is not a good look for strippers. We have what you want as our New Hampshire strippers will leave you wanting and craving more. You may even forget about the Super Bowl and nachos.

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Maine2There's just something about the word "stripper" that is exciting. The word says it all. Strip. As in someone is going to take their clothes off for you. There's nothing like starting off an event with that. But stop right there. Just because the girl is a stripper doesn't mean she is the girl you're looking for. There are hundreds and hundreds of strippers in Maine. Some of these girls are the prime girls you've come to expect. Others, well, let's just say they shouldn't be taking off their clothes. You need the top of the line girls who have the goods and know how to work it. You need our Maine strippers. From big time parties to low key events, our exotic dancers are out of this world and ready to jump into yours.

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Vermont2Have you ever been to a strip club with a motto along the lines of "hundreds of beautiful girls...and three ugly ones"? Isn't it strange that no matter when you go, the ugly ones seem to be the only ones working? It's like they told the beautiful ones to go home early and the ugly ones still need to earn their keep. If you're tired of sifting through the weeds in order to find the one flower, the adult entertainment you'll find here is exactly what you've been searching for. And don't you worry, our beautiful Vermont strippers never go home early.

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